Fayetteville Estate Sale

We were very fortunate to find Abe and Freda. From the moment I met Freda, I knew she was a perfect fit for us. She was so kind and compassionate during a very difficult time in my life. She and Abe came in with their team and in a matter of days (we were in a time crunch) had my mom's home ready to go. The two day sale was a huge success, with a great crowd. Abe and Freda were amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone!
C. Pope

Fayetteville Estate Sale

Liquidating the estate of your parents is extremely emotional and final. Abraham's Estate Liquidation exceeded our expectations. Coordination from out of state was effortless, true professionals, constant communications, and patience beyond.  Freda and Abe not only understand the emotions and memories attached to a home and family, they are truly caring. Thank you, Freda and Abe, for helping us to close this important chapter of our lives. 
S. Hutson

Sharpsburg Estate Sale

From beginning to the final sale, our estate sale went extremely well. When planning a move, stress is the key word. Eliminating as much pressure as possible is important. Freda and Abe have become experts at doing exactly that. Their organization skills are something to behold. They started making us stress free immediately. They explained their procedures up front and gave us an idea of what to expect both in monetary return and how they deal with potential buyers. They came in and organized all the furniture and collectibles in a way that was very appealing. I was amazed at how quickly they priced all of our stuff. There were hundreds of items....They are personable but strong. They made us feel at ease but also assured us that they controlled the flow of the sale. They have steadfast rules and stick to them. They did a great job and we are very pleased not only with the monetary return but how giving them control eased our stress immensely.    B. &  J. Griffith

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Sharpsburg Estate sale
I would like to thank Freda and Abe for all the hard work they put in for our recent estate sale. Moving is one of the hardest things to do, especially if you are downsizing and having to leave behind many things that were part of your past. They were so professional, knowledgeable, and personable and removed so much of the stress we were feeling. We could not have done it without them.  The sale was a big success and I would highly recommend them to anyone! It's hard to put into words just how good they are at what they do, and how at ease they make you feel. Thank you.
Connie Morgan  

Hapeville Estate Sale

"I am a genius! I interviewed three estate sale companies and I picked Freda and Abe! Actually they sold me with their honesty, integrity and straightforward way that they would hold a sale in my mother's home. I was just hoping to get the contents out of the house but Abe kept saying 'this is a good sale'! And, of course, he was right and I was very pleased at the end of the sale when I received the proceeds for my mother. Freda and Abe are completely hands on and really care about the needs of their clients! They are very professional in their approach and have the experience to get it done correctly! Knowing what I know now, if I had another estate sale, I wouldn't interview anybody. I would just call Freda and Abe!
C. Chappel

Newnan  June 2017

We've gone to their sales as buyers for a number of years, and we've always been impressed. When it came time to have our own sale, we knew we had to call them! They worked extremely hard for us and the estate sale was outstanding, with an excellent outcome- everything was gone and we made more money than we ever expected. I highly highly recommend them! Thank you both!!   S. Truan

Peachtree City  May 2017

Freda and Abe did a marvelous job managing my estate sale. They were very sensitive to my feelings and concerns with items that held not only monetary value, but sentimental value as well. They are very skilled at organizing and displaying items for sale both in the house and on their website. They invested many hours of their time and energy in preparation for the sale superbly managing all of the details involved, such as parking, pricing, and selling. They maintained excellent communication with me throughout the entire process carefully coordinating ever issue as it developed. I highly recommend them to anyone considering an estate sale!​​​   T. Cook

Newnan Estate Sale February 2017

Freda and Abe, great job with my mother's estate sale. Excellent communication throughout the process. Fantastic attendance for the two-day sale and exceed our expectations on the final sales results.    Scott B.

Union City Estate Sale November 2016

I've got to send a shout out to Abraham's Estate Liquidations for doing a fantastic job with our Estate Sale in Union City last weekend. For Freda and Abe, it's been a process of almost 2 months of steady work preparing the house and organizing all of Mom and Dad's things for the sale. They did an awesome job of organizing and presenting each item with much care and respect, exhibiting great integrity and work ethic along the way. I was so pleased with their sensitivity to My brother and I in communicating with us and being aware of the emotional nature of having an Estate Sale. They have a huge network of advertising and followers who made the sale a great success. Almost every item was sold! I recommend them highly if you or a friend are ever in the position of needing this service! Thank you Freda and Abe!!      M.  West

Jonesboro Estate Sale October 2016

Handling the sale of our mom's estate was a daunting & emotional task for my brothers and I. Freda & Abe organized, priced & sold everything with respect & professionalism. We had a very successful estate sale! Thank you Freda & Abe!!   Nancy M.

Fayetteville July 2016    Well, if you knew our mom, you knew she was a special lady! My sister and I wanted to have an estate sale that would honor our mother, with items going to people who would enjoy, appreciate and take care of them. Who on earth could help us carry out this feat? Freda and Abe to the rescue! I'm so glad we hired them. From beginning to end, all went well. We knew we could trust them, and they were professional ~ yet friendly and caring. Please don't hesitate if you need someone to handle your sale, they are wonderful in every way!   Teresa H.  

2016  Fayetteville​   We were very pleased with Abraham's Estate Liquidation. Freda and Abe handled my parents estate sale with professionalism and compassion. I live out-of-state, Freda and Abe handled every detail, communicated with us regularly and answered our questions in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Abraham's Estate Liquidation.    K. Scott

2016  Tyrone Estate Sale
We couldn’t be happier with Abraham’s Estate Liquidation. We had zero experience with estate sales, and faced the experience with trepidation, but Abe and Freda handled every aspect of the sale with professionalism and tact. Estate sales require a wide range of skills, including experience, tons of energy and something especially important to us - sensitivity. They responded to our questions and requests immediately. Abraham’s is a winner in all categories – highly recommended!

Lee and Drew, Tyrone, GA

I can't say enough good things about the totally professional help you and Abe gave me. You made a daunting task easier and I was very satisfied with the results. Parting with ones lifetime possessions was not as difficult as I anticipated because of your understanding and counsel.

McDonough Estate Sale  
Freda and Abe did an excellent job of assessing items, organizing the sale, and following through in impressive fashion.  We couldn't have asked for a better experience or for more engaging and professional people to work with.   Leonard B.

Peachtree Estate Sale
We met Abe and Freda  three years ago at a friends estate sale and knew they were the ones we wanted to do our sale when the time came. They are so knowledgeable, professional and personable. The way they advertise and stage the home for the sale is impressive. We are very pleased with the results and highly recommend them.   Mark & Betty


Testimonials and Photos from recent sales

Estate Sale Conference - Memphis

Everyone enjoyed the 6 hour Sportsmen's Sale in Sharpsburg October 2015

Client Comment:

"I was very pleased with the professionalism & efforts of Abraham's Estate Liquidations. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone needing this type of service."      C. Cowart

#1 in Georgia - Most Viewed Estate Sale Company  January 18, 2015

College Park Estate Sale

I have been attending Freda and Abe’s estate sales for years and when it came time to having one of my own, they were my first choice. They are very professional, empathetic, and caring and do a fabulous job. They arrange items so that you feel that you are on a shopping trip in the past. I would recommend them to anyone that needs to have an estate sale. We were very pleased with the service they provided.

P. Letorneau

East Point Estate Sale
We would like to let people know that you guys are totally amazing. We live out of state and were at a loss on how to dispose of our elderly aunt's property in East Point, Ga. When you showed up to meet us, we knew immediately that two angels had just appeared. You explained how the sale would be handled and left no questions unanswered. The day we turned the keys over to you we knew the big job ahead of you was going to be done in the most professional manner and done it was. To our amazement you sold the entire contents of a house that had been occupied for 57 years and made the process look so easy. Again, we want to extend our thanks and gratitude to you and Abe.    C & L Lamb


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Peachtree City Estate Sale

Just wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the success of our Peachtree City sale and liquidation of my Mother and Father-in-law's Estate.  You and your entire staff are exceptional in your professionalism, honesty and trustworthiness.  How very rare it is these days to find that in any profession, much less one attached to so many emotional issues as selling the personal Items of loved ones.  I'm guessing you are a natural psychologist, as well.

In any event this is a heartfelt glowing recommendation of your professional Estate Sale and Liquidation Service. Please feel free to share this with whomever you may choose.  You out-performed all expectations of what my husband and I thought would be a success in our Peachtree City Sale 7/22, 24, and 25, 2015.
Thanks again.
Leslie & Drew Dyer

Newnan Estate Sale

We appreciate all your help on my estate sale.  As you know a tough time to let go of past memories.  You made it an easy transition from my past to start a new future.  Thank You.

Cannot tell you and Abe how much I appreciate all your help.  We could not have done it without your help,  You are blessed people in taking care of others in what you do.  
K. & C.

College Pak Estate Sale
 Freda and Abe are amazing.   They exceed all expectations of what might happen during an estate sale. Their work so impressed us that we used them twice in one month. Once for my mother's house and then our house while we were relocating. They can handle anything. When I say they can handle anything I mean they know how to transform a house into a well-oiled estate selling machine.  The pre-sale work is thorough.  They research and call upon a large network of expert sources for pricing information about everything you plan to sell. Everything displayed, priced, carefully orchestrated and set to go the moment the doors open. They can also handle anyone who steps through the door with courtesy and seasoned experience from the professional picker, the serious looker, to the curious neighbor. 
Thinking about an estate sale? Look no further, stress no more, call Freda.
M. Cooley

Peachtree City Estate Sale
We were very pleased with the services provided by Freda. We live in Texas and it was not possible to be involved with the estate sale. Throughout the process, we were kept well informed and found Freda to be very professional, patient, and trustworthy. She went above and beyond in cleaning up after the sale and handling all closing matters. We feel very fortunate to have worked with her and would highly recommend her to anyone planning an estate sale.
Kim W.

Carrollton Estate sale of Bobby Rowland
Family and friends were very favorably impressed with the professional and personable character of the work you did for the Carrollton estate sale.
I was very happy I chose you and Abe to liquidate my parents estate.
You did a great job.
Thanks again,
A. Martin

Sharpsburg Estate Sale
Dear Freda and Abe,
We just want to thank you for the most fantastic estate/moving sale.  You and Abe are wonderful and really know your business. Your pricing is spot on. And your following of antique lovers, pickers, and Junkers is simply amazing. For those of you reading this post... from the moment the doors opened til 4pm or so when the doors closed it was a constant flow of people both days. The people who bought our antiques were as excited as I was when I bought them, and I know they will love them for many years as we did. Also the people who came by were so respectful and friendly and wished us well in our move.

We highly recommend Freda and Abe of Abraham's Estate Liquidation also thanks to Lisa and Barbara. They are all super.
Sincerely Pat Russo